Little Brother 2 by Cory Doctorow

Little Brother is available as a downloadable mp3 file from the YHS Library. Ask Ms. Hamilton or Mrs. Young for more information.
The text of the novel is also available as a downloadable .pdf or .html file at this

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Connor E I know this doesn't matter much now, but I updated the questions under "Agenda" based off what I asked during our discussion. I added new questions as we went along, although some didn't get asked, about 95% of them did. Good job guys.
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Discussion Time:
Friday January 8th 5B 12:55-2:25

from Mrs. Hamilton:
Cory Doctorow, the author of Little Brother, talks about the primacy of books and questions the fairness of ebooks. An interesting listen!

From Connor Ertz:
This New York Times review of Little Brother hits the nail right on the head:


Clarifying Questions:
Why did you choose to read Little Brother?
What was your favorite part?
What was your least favorite part?
What did you think of the book overall?

How do the characters in Little Brother develop as the story goes on?
Who is the character you would like to see developed more?
What character do you see yourself in?
Did you find the relationship between Marcus and Angela to be awkward?
How do you think Marcus’s dad changes in his opinion and character throughout the novel?
How do you think Marcus felt about his heroic status?


Did you find Doctorow's narration of the novel to be too juvenile?


Do you think there is any significance in Doctorow choosing San Francisco as the setting?
How far in the future do you think this story is taking place?

Do you think Doctorow is criticizing our current government, saying it truly is totalitarian? Rather than being futuristic.
Do you think this novel is trying to warn us of what might happen in the future if cities are policed like this?
What do you think Doctorow is trying to tell us by creating a Guantanamo-type prison in his novel, especially one that is imprisoning kids?

Style of Writing:

Did you find Doctorow's use of teenage slang and computer jargon to be unnecessary or over the top?
Do you think that the way Doctorow wrote about the relationship between Marcus and Angela made the book slightly uncomfortable? I do.

Significant Passages:

Which part of Little Brother do you find to be the climax?
Which part of Little Brother is the most interesting to you?
Which passage in Little Brother do you find lacking?
What are some significant quotes from the book?

From Mrs. Barr:
The Website for the Book and a conversation about remixing the book
Teaching Materials

Discussion protocols: introduction/conclusion commentary--for example, you might ask everyone to bring and share a comment about a passage they chose to open the discussion, or each take a different character and respond. We don't suggest planning every moment of the discussion or adhering to a strict protocol for the whole 90 minutes, but some ideas to start or options to go when a discussions stalls can be very helpful.