Little Brother 1 by Cory Doctorow

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Discussion Time:
Thursday January 7th 2W 7:55-9:25

Discussion Facilitator and Participant's Names:
Molly D
Chris L
Joe K
Alicia P
Yaoyao X
Steve B.*

Clarifying Questions:
What was appealing about Little Brother? Why did you choose to read it?
What exactly is Harajuku Fun Madness?
Would you consider Marcus a good kid or a bad kid?
What prison did Marcus and his friends go to be interrogated? Guantanamo Bay possibly? (it says the prison is on Treasure Island, about 15 minutes from shore, Marcus calls it "Gitmo-By-The-Bay". Guantanamo Bay prison is located in Cuba)
How realistic is Marcus' story? Could the Department of Homeland security actually carry out such events on US citizens?
Could Marcus had succeeded without the use of technology? (Xnet etc)
How to the characters change over the course of the novel?
Do you think Marcus is arrogant at all, or cocky?
What is your opinion of the relationship between Ange and Marcus?

Marcus Yallow(w1n5t0r)- What conflicts does Marcus face? (man vs. self) (man vs. society)
Darryl Glover-
Vanessa Pak (Van)-
Jose Luis Torrez (Jolu)-
Angela Carvell (love Marcus)-
Ms.Galves (Teacher.Marcus only respect to her.)-
Lillian Yallow (Marcus mother)-
Drew Yallow(Marcus father)-
Carrie Johnstono (Severe Haircut woman)- She is enjoy abusing her power.

Which characters are developed? which are not?
Who out of the characters can you connect with the most?

Setting(place and time):
*San Francisco
*Treasure Island (Gitmo-By-The-Bay Prison)
*Near future? mentioned passed historical events such as September 11, 2001 and The War on Terror. Also, the amount of technology is the same if not a little more then today.
*Whould the story be different if it had taken place in a different city? Why did Cory Doctorow pick San Francisco

*Young people who bootstrap their own security literary. Because the adults around them fail to do so.
*Security is hard to get right.
*Power of the government of basic human rights
*Personal Security

Style of Writing:
*Written from Marcus' point of view
*Little character development (apart from Marcus)
*The book seems simplistic (apart from technology explanations) for the mature content it contains
*What were the most engaging parts of the novel? and most boring?
*What is the connection with the title to the book?
*What was your feeling on the ending? do you think that was a good ending or should he have ended it differently?

Significant Passages:
"Because of something I'd told them to do. I was no better than a terrorist." (pg. 141)

Outside Resources:
Little Brother1
About the Author:

from Mrs. Hamilton:
Cory Doctorow, the author of Little Brother, talks about the primacy of books and questions the fairness of ebooks. An interesting listen!

From Mrs. Barr:
The Website for the Book and a converstaion about remixing the book
Teaching Materials

Little Brother is available as a downloadable mp3 file from the YHS Library. Ask Ms. Hamilton or Mrs. Young for more information.
The text of the novel is also available as a downloadable .pdf or .html file at this site.

Audio of our Book Talk