One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest 2 by Ken Kesey

Group Members:
Ashley E
Danielle T- Facilitator
Katie O
Eric D
Kate D
Jacob L
Jon D
Rachel W
Suzanne H.*

Ashley E-Munchkins
Danielle T
Katie O
Eric D- Drink
Kate D- cupcakes
Jacob L
Jon D
Rachel W- kettle corn, bunny grahams

Discussion Time:
Friday January 7th 4B 11:09-12:39


Introduction: each participant shares a passage that struck them, and commentary

Clarifying Questions:
What was the surgery that Randle McMurphy got at the end of the book?
Before McMurphy came into the institution did any of the men ever think that the procedures Nurse Ratched was conducting on them were ever unjust or unnecessary?
When Bromden suffocated McMurphy, was he doing it out of compassion and respect, or was it out of pure hatred for the disruption of the ward?

Was McMurphy the first to rebel of the men in the ward?
Did McMurphy truly want to leave the ward?
What was Nurse Ratched's motive in keeping McMurphy in the ward?
Why do you think they performed the lobotomy on McMurphy? Do you think they have done that to any of the other clinically ill patients? Maybe they were like McMurphy so that is why they did it to them too.

Was Randle McMurphy clinically insane?

Does the Chief have mental issues?
Do you think that Nurse Ratched was a good person?
Do you agree with the description of Nurse Ratched?
The head of the hospital ward. Nurse Ratched, the novel’s antagonist, is a middle-aged former army nurse. She rules her ward with an iron hand and masks her humanity and femininity behind a stiff, patronizing facade. She selects her staff for their submissiveness, and she weakens her patients through a psychologically manipulative program designed to destroy their self-esteem. Ratched’s emasculating, mechanical ways slowly drain all traces of humanity from her patients.
Does the Mental Institution actually help the patients in the end?

Do you think it was hard for the chief to act like he was dumb? Do you think he ever had it slip ?
Why was what Chief did at the end of the book so important?
Is there significance to Chief Bromden's physical traits compared to his personality traits?
Do you think the other nurse felt badly about what was going on at all throughout the novel? If so why didn't she do anything about it?

Why is Chief Bromden the character that narrates the novel? Why isn't McMurphy?
Does the background information we learn about Chief Bromden, as a result of his narration, affect our view of the book as a whole?

What kind of emotion did Ken Kesey's imagery of the ward evoke?

Do you think that Randle McMurphy had true feelings for all the the men in the insitution?
How has Chief Bromden's childhood influenced his life? How has it influenced him at the Mental Institution?
The dress clinging to the tree.
The cigarettes
Watching the world series on television

The cards/card games
The metal screens over the windows
The fog machine
The gum built up under Chief Bromden's bed

Style of Writing:
Kesey wrote One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest in present tense. How does this effect the novel?

Significant Passages:
How do you feel about what "Cheif" did at the end of the book?

Outside Resources:
The movie:
Picture_1.png One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest directed by Milos Forman. Movie trailer

This is an interesting book review which provides us with an outside source for opinions about the book: Book Review

Discussion Protocols:
Does anyone agree that it would be a good idea to start the discussion with a significant passage or a special character in mind to get the discussion going in a smooth manner? Yes, I agree. Let's start out having each participant share a passage that they found interesting and explain why.