Evaluation of Student Work & Participation

1. Discussion Posts

  • Each student must post one thoughtful comment before the discussion and respond to the comment of someone else and do the same after the discussion for a total of 4 posts (two initial comments and two responses)
  • These will be evaluated +, check, - based on their timeliness, clarity and thoughtfulness
  • Students will receive an individual grade

2. Wiki

  • Students should refer to the description of the wiki under "Project Description" to guide them
  • Students may also look at examples from past discussions linked at the bottom of the home page--some are better than others, so judge with a discerning mind
  • The agenda will be evaluated according to the criteria on the "Project Description"
  • Ms. Errickson, Ms. Peaslee, and Ms. Tommaso will evaluate them collaboratively
  • Group members will receive a group grade for their agenda

3. Discussion

  • Students will evaluate themselves according to the rubric and questions posted here
  • The evaluation form is due the class after your discussion