The Road 1 by Cormac McCarthy

Discussion Time:
Thursday, January 7th 4W 11:09-12:39


Discussion Facilitator and Participant's Names
Michael H
Neil C
Shane R
Nate B
Alex S
Mr. H.*
Clarifying Questions
What event caused the world to be in this decimated state?
Why do you think the author decides not to give the main characters names?
The boy and the man
From the man's point of view.
Post apocalyptic world.

Style of Writing
Cormac McCarthy chose not to put his dialog in quotations, and the story is a compilation of their perils in this desolate world.
Often Cormac McCarthy will jump ahead many weeks at a time, occasionally putting in a flash back giving you insight on their lives before the world fell apart.
Significant Passages

Outside Resources
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